Saturday, February 17, 2018

365LLC Days 45 - 48 Of Love Stories, Parlor Games, Antiques, & Coord Compliments

February 14, 2018

There was a flutter of ruffles as she ran across the moonlit garden to meet the lord of the manor, dressed in their finest, with heavy brocades and furs of the hell beasts that had been slain for the winter. She hadn’t cared how dangerous they were, nor that the flora could ensnare her lest she were not vigilante, for she believed her heart and soul were already stolen from her, what good was a body without it’s most sacred pieces?

Draped in the finest of lace and ruffles that danced around her knees the way she had danced in the greenhouse with Lord Byleth, too many months past. She could never deny the sway they held over her. Not after they had bestowed her with a locket with their hair braided together. It had turned out to have a protection charm to veil her from danger unbeknownst to Lorelai. 

She wore the locket daily and the beads and chain would somehow shimmer and change to become the colors that matched her dress she wore. The little details in gifts from a demon...

On this night her dress sparkled like starlight, something that hardly graced this netherworld though the moon could almost always be counted on. Her petticoat only served to fluff out the fabric to fan about her frame, the ruffles of her skirt swished around her knees. The trim around her bodice only furthered the glow with the pale gold fibers woven into it. It was the same color as the bracelet Lord Byleth had placed about her wrist prior to leaving and it was bedecked with the tiniest pearls Lorelai had ever seen, and having it near her made her feel safe. It was meant to mark her as their’s to other’s of the demon realm. Though she was a human trapped there she was not prey for the taking.

Lorelai finally reached them, her hobnail shoes sunk into the fresh mud from the rainfall the night before as she stood before Lord Byleth. And though the sun was not bright it still obscured her sight. She could only lift her head which made her bonnet tilt backwards and nearly fall to the earth behind her had Lord Byleth not caught it. 

Her lungs seized up with barely a touch and as one set of fingers righted the bonnet while another crept into her the locks of her hair, Lorelai was certain her entire being was frozen.

“It’s good to see there are some things that do not change...”

And with a smile from her lord the lost little mortal felt her world return again. 


And that’s it for my love story. 

February 15, 2018

There are so many fun things to do at meets that hosts carefully find or creates for all it's lovely attendees, it's always fun to learn and craft more. My previous post I had looked up "Are you there, Moriarty?" which I still haven't found or held a meet to play it but I would like to. This time around I've searched out one game that could be EASILY geared towards Lolita and be done without much to prepare except with a forewarning for guests to be prepared to remove an accessory and goof off (as if that's difficult for us to do!).

The game I picked out is called Forfeits, traditionally a Christmas game, and would best be played in the comfort of a private space so people don't have to worry about bumping into people, ridiculous physical behavior is encouraged. The way the game is played requires one person to be the auctioneer or judge and to send that person into another room, those left have to lend an article to the pool before inviting the auctioneer back in.

After they've been invited back in the auctioneer selects an item in the pool of things and has to describe it however they see fit - the sillier the better in this case - and then put the item up for "auction." In order to win ones garment back that person needs to out goof the others trying to "win" the item back, however there is a caveat to this. If the owner can not be correctly identified or does not perform the best the item is forfeited until the end of that game's round. 

In the Victorian era there was also a penalty inflicted on the owner, small funny ones that wouldn't harm anyone involved. Usually something would be to dance to music in an incorrect fashion or to make the article owner stand on a chair and be posed in whatever fashion the other participants put them in until the end of the next auction, silly things like that. Another punishment would be to flatter another participant in any manner but they aren't allowed to say words that have a certain letter in, like "L" for instance.

I think this game could be HILARIOUS in a group of frilly people, maybe needing at the least 4 people and the most 8 unless choosing more than 1 to be the auctioneer. I would definitely like to implement this game at a meet at some point in the future and think with all of the neat things in Lolita fashion it can produce many ridiculously funny descriptions, as well as incite "most embarrassing behavior."

 February 16, 2018

I am a glutton for punishment and totally want all the antique things!!! I did go antiquing not too long ago so here are pictures from that little romp through but today I will torture myself with online auctions for antique goodies. I could browse all day and only learn this is always a mistake because I want them all. Here are some of my finds:

I am a sucker for Limoges and nearly bid on that last one, the cameo wasn’t terribly priced either.

February 17, 2018

I see a cute one I can post on that’s well done and cute, so done and done!

This was a lot I apologize it’s been a hectic week with an assundry of things going on (come see my line walk today at Katsucon!!!! Weeeeee!!!) so I’m all over the place.

Cheers! XOXO

Friday, February 16, 2018

LBC: Preferences Of Solids Or Prints: What Draws Your Favor And Why

When it comes down to the difference between prints or solids, for me anyway, I would say each but for different reasons. This is only an opinion and it differs person to person for various reasons, and I certainly have my though they may strange. Here are the reasons why I've sided with neither in particular and, yet, why I choose both.

Prints....In Brand

This is something I tend to gravitate towards for brands, I just can't escape wanting prints and it's always the more classic prints with flowers and cameos and tea cups, I just can't get enough. If I'm buying a Japanese brand dress there is a 98% chance that it is a print and I'm probably going gaga over it. If it's a Japanese brand and a solid I just often feel like it needs to either be over the moon gorgeous with an interesting or elegant cut, with amazing lace, if I'm going to want to throw a good chunk of money at it.

If it's on sale for a decent price or on the second hand market for a good price I wouldn't mind going for it either, I'm not shaking my head at solids from brands but prints have always really caught my attention. I also feel like the quality of Japanese brands are very good but it's just for the price the little details in the prints are really what makes my heart sway. Especially now, after having made my first print and working on several other print projects, I find myself only further appreciating the work that goes into them.

Solids...In Indie Brands

Taken from the IxDoxDeclare facebook page.

There is just something about a lot of indie brands that really make me so happy! In particular IxDoxDeclare, and similar brands that go for that historical style, I find that seeing them either on the screen or in person makes my heart clench and I find it very easy to get lost in the swaths of fabric. The details are there and the quality is great and I would gladly throw money at it if I had a ton of money to throw at several things at once because I am indecisive and have difficulties choosing one. 

Taken from the Mossbadger facebook page.

This is of course not saying I would not purchase prints from indie brands, there are plenty of original prints that definitely make me squeak, it's just that the style of the solid prints are so lovely that it catches my eyes quicker. Sometimes solids do have beaded details that really throw me through a loop and shock me in very good ways and so I can't ignore those details either, I still would consider it a solid piece though because it is a detail and not the fabric. 

This is simply the reasons I gravitate towards solids or prints, it takes a lot for a brand to do it but indie brands just catch me as if I've fallen from the proverbial princess tower. Even going back to when I first got into the fashion in 2007 with my first purchase it's always been about the print and when I discovered more indie brands I would easily want the solid. I suppose that may be a bit strange to some because I have seen that there is a bit of a divide between people as either a mostly prints or mostly solids individual but I really do have my reasons for liking both.

What are your feelings on the subject? Do you prefer solids to prints, or vis versa? Let me know in the comments below!

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Tuesday, February 13, 2018

365LLC Days 41-45: Of New Words, Favorite Brands, Favorite Destination Doodles, & Library Events

February 10, 2018

I decided to learn a word that I could relate to the fashion, simply because I can and that it just so happens that this one popped up on one of my favorite pages that usually delves into slightly archaic terms. I found the word "eesome" and feel that it definitely applies to Lolita fashion.

Even the image that was used for the photo I find appropriate.

February 11, 2018

I had to opt for comfort today so I went if a full back shirring and a simple coord (I threw on the hat for this picture simply because I thought it would look cute together. It didn’t hurt that it was on that shelf next to the mirror.

February 12, 2018

I did manage to doodle with my quill and now you know just how terrible my drawing skills are. 

The statue in the middle is the Peter Pan statue located in Kensington Gardens

February 13, 2018

It seems that the libraries around me have a lot of children oriented events, children readings and things like that. I did find out that they have a few French and Chinese book discussion days and a few other language conversation groups to improve on Spanish. 

Friday, February 9, 2018

365LLC Days 38 - 40: Of Valentines, The Beginning In Releases, & A Lovely Fragrance

February 7, 2018

This is just in time for my local comm’s Valentine’s compilation where we all make ones for our comm and send them to our mod and then they share it as a group post. It seems since the jump from LJ to FB there really isn’t an active page for sharing Lolita Valentine’s so I’m happy to still have something for it. I plan on doing as many as possible and have gotten quite a few done already.

February 8, 2018

This post kicked me right in the frilly feels!

When I first found out about the fashion I was in somewhere around 2003 but I only remembered and had the money to spend on it in 2007. As it would turn out, after browsing for this post, I had previously owned a great deal of pieces from this year. This is due to aquirement over the years of each piece, lately I have actually traded or sold off a good deal over the last year for more classic pieces, but it was insane to see how much it had influenced me and also recall how many pieces circulated the market.

Here are a few that I either recall seeing the release of, really want, or simply own that I spied through my browsing.

I would love to have that bolero jacket and I do own the short version of the IW Alice jsk in black, everything else, with exception of that ring I wouldn't mind having, I have seen quite often expecially back during the days of LJ.

February 9, 2018

Today was like being pulled in every direction at once but I went with a fragrance in lotion form that would also soothe instead of dry out.

And with that I'm done for the day, hope you all have pleasant dreams!

LBC: What Makes Good Wardrobe Post

When the most wonderful time of the year occurs and all I want to do is find as many wardrobe posts I can, and I enjoy each. There are also things that I find more enjoyable to look over that only appear in some that I feel makes a post shine a bit more then others. This is really only my opinion and noting more.

Having A Good Set Up

This works wonders for catching my eye, if you work your shooting area with the best lighting and clean space, not to mean one without personal affects, it will help make your garments pop. Some people go with a controlled space with long corridors or go with blank walls to give focus to the shot while others like having corners with other Lolita related items to decorate the background. Another great way to set up is, if laying out on a flat surface, to have a pretty neutral colored fabric. It wont detract from the garment and can also bring dimension to it's look if draped in a certain fashion.

Coord Shots

Whether delicately draped or put on a mannequin I'm still more drawn to those that have a bit of coordination going on with the garments. I think they really look great when they are paired whether with only blouses or are full put together down to purses and shoes.

Ironed Out

This is pretty straight forward and I don't believe I need to explain further but I have seen a few over the years that could have used just a little TLC with an iron.


Another trend in wardrobe posts that I think are good that don't really require coordinating anything is pairings. Some do groupings of 2 or 3 dresses laid out together and sometimes go by theme or color. Then, going a step further with pairings of likes together, some group the pictures together in their post and even label the sections. I just think this is a nice touch.

This list does not mean someone needs to do all of these - with the exception of ironing, that's a given - and it doesn't mean one post isn't good for not doing these things, these styles just seem to pop more. It's always fun to check out everyone's wardrobe post and see what everyone puts together, it's something to look forward to in January.

If you want to look into what other people think makes a good wardrobe post you can just check them out down below! And don't forget to check out the Lolita Blog Carnival as well if you are looking to join in on the blogging, here

Tuesday, February 6, 2018

365 LLC Day 35 - 37: Of The Oldest Piece, Childhood Stories, & Doodles Of Friends

February 4, 2018

This had me running around my wardrobe and jumping back and forth on Lolibrary double checking years for each piece I was near certain were older then the pieces I shared in my original post. The original one I choose to go with my very first pieces, the ones being in my wardrobe the longest, which I still have both and are from 2007 when I first started the fashion. I have been changing out some pieces in my wardrobe so I no longer have garments fro 2001 and I'm uncertain if one of my other pieces is indeed from 2005 at this time, so it's down to 2006!

I have 3 garments that are from that timeframe but for the sake of keeping this post clean I'm going with the most photogenic of the lot, with  Floral jsk from Baby the Stars Shine Bright.

I received this piece back during the first RC when I bought it off of a friend and I still wear this piece regularly. I initially was only buying the headdress she was selling because I was hoping it would match another piece but when I tried this on it just really fit my style that was gearing more and more towards classic at the time. 

February 5, 2018

This is still a terrible prompt for me as, again, I did not read age appropriate stories as a child. Last time I went with The Hobbit, this time I'm going to go with The Worst Witch by Jill Murphy (I'm also going to cue up Good Omens and Roald Dahl's The Witches next because I was rather torn between those too).

This is probably one of my favorite stories as a small child when I first learned how to read, I even went out as Mildred Hubble for a few Halloweens too. I love the movie that had Faruza Balk and Tim Curry as the Grand High Wizard (there has never been a match) and the original tv shows, the college spin off of The Weirdsisters College, and the new tv show that's now on Netflix are all so cute and hit me in my childhood feels.

It follows the story of one young Mildred Hubble, THE worst witch at Miss Cackle's Acadamy for Witches, and all of the strange mishaps she's been thrown into usually with her best friend, Maude and Enid. If you enjoyed Harry Potter I highly recommend this book series to give a quick over, at 97 pages for the first book, it's not very long but it's cute.

A few months ago I actually was able to buy a super adorable enamel pin that I had my eyes on because of how it reminded me of the hats in the series and the movie. It's from the Lolita fashion brand, Cottonbook, who has all of these really cute designs and the designer is so sweet, you should check them out for sure.

February 6, 2018 

I doodled my friend Rachelle in one of her dream prints, she loves Fragrant Rose Memories and I hope one day she is able to get it. So I tried to draw her up in it!

I decided not to draw her in a wig, because I thought she looked cute like this, I just tried to get her done as best I could in such a short time. 

And that's it for today as I've just poured my last cup out after working so hard on this one, I hope you enjoyed it and look forward to my next post.

Cheers! XOXO

Saturday, February 3, 2018

LBC: What Made Certain Prints Like Iron Gate & Cat's Tea Party So Popular

Throughout this particular fashion there are certain trends that are seemingly universal and unique that every frilled out rufflebutt can understand, certain dresses are highly recognized and sought out. And though, due to this fashion's highly networked community, this can be argued that many of the dresses are greatly coveted due to their style, cut, color, and sometimes highly identifiably print, there are a few that seems to take the figurative and sometimes literal cake. This week for the Lolita Blog Carnival participants will take a glimpse at some of these iconic prints and what has made them so.

Just lookit how cute this photoshoot is

In the earlier stages of this fashions reaches into the western world we'd often get glimpses of certain releases in what ever variation of the Gothic Lolita Bible we could get a hold of, whether the original Japanese or the English version. Though filled with beautiful imagery promoting the princess lifestyle and places to visit and meets the mooks would also be full of such wonderful eye catching spreads for different brands. Some releases would have flat lays of their garments with item descriptions while others would have full pages with models posing delicately in them, all would have the brands webshop somewhere tagged in it's proper place beneath the brand name. I think that these pages with certain releases did pull at our heartstrings for certain pieces.

I do remember when this print was such a big deal when I was first getting into the fashion but only later seeing that added digit...

Part of why I feel like certain prints are still such a huge deal and can sometimes still be seen selling for far more than their initial retail price is due to the community's perception of other's styling with the piece. Because this fashion is so close-knit and have always shared their stories and photos on several social platforms, starting in the early days with the likes of Livejournal, many frillies were able to enjoy looking at what others put together for coordinates. Sometimes these were done in simple snaps of what people would wear for meet ups, however there were instances where people were inspired by the clothing choices and would create elaborate photoshoots which would catch many people's attention.

The only piece I have ever paid retail price for second hand which I believe was lucky considering how much it usually goes for...

This would be difficult for many to deal with for several reasons and all relating to the actual brands that released these pieces. By the time that these intricate photoshoots by both popular Lolita and sometimes actual Japanese models were done and shared all pieces will have already been released and, in more recent times, sold out of on site. This isn't even covering the difficulty of acquiring a suddenly coveted piece from when shopping from Japan could only be done with a shopping service, as in the early days most brands would not sell out of the country. To me, this is one of the reasons certain inaccessible pieces become so popular and are often times still able to go for a greater sum then what they originally went for.

I take Umbridge with your price tag...

Though, at this time, I feel that the second hand market and even brand shops sales have slumped with the availability of more options from shops on taobao sites certain prints like these do still tend to pop up for astronomical prices. Angelic Pretty's Cat's Tea Party has popped up very recently for no less than $1000 and there are also other dresses, not mentioned above but were also considered highly popular for it's style and print, like Fragrant Rose Memories that also sold for just as much about 3 weeks ago.

I regret nothing.

I think at this point I'm really just rambling on so I think I should cut out now. I do think for a few of the top tier dresses almost everyone in the fashion recognizes as grail dress status - I'm not saying everyone likes it but everyone one knows they go for crazy amounts second hand - do catch that popularity because of the way brands market them and the way that other community members wear and photograph them. I don't know if this trend will continue in the future with how the second hand market is going but with a few the pricing trend doesn't seem to ebb one bit.

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